An Advanced Synthesis Course

I’m happy to announce an online course that I’ll be teaching starting on Monday, April 11. This Advanced Synthesis course, taught through the Brooklyn Digital Conservatory, contains 3 modules and will focus on shifting producers away from using presets to creating their own sounds. It will also go deep into synth history and fundamental concepts of synthesis and sound design. These include deep understanding of Analog (Subtractive) Synthesis, FM Synthesis, Wavetable Synthesis, Granular Synthesis, oscillators, basic waves, envelopes, filters, modulation, signal flow etc.

The ultimate way for producers to develop their own sounds is to learn how to program sounds from scratch. To understand, for example, how to create electronic drum kits from synthesizers or to use their own sampled wave forms to build sonic textures. This has been the way of so many of the great electronic music producers of the past and present.

Students in this course will receive a free one-year license of the Arturia V Collection 8 and we will be using these classic synth emulations to go deep into sound design. You will learn how to program the classic synth of the past fifty years including the MiniMoog, ARP 2600, Juno 106, Jupiter 08, Oberheim OBX-a, DX7 and others. At the end of the course you will know not only the sound of the synths that made so much great electronic music, but how to program your sounds from raw sound waves. Even if you continue to use presets, the Advanced Synthesis course will give you powerful tools for shaping them in your ways to create truly new sounds. For more info, check out the course page here.