Although a bassist and pianist by training, since 2005, I’ve been exploring cutting-edge new ways of integrating instruments and controllers with laptops running Ableton Live. In late 2018, I began performing with “Blinky” a new instrument that I’m prototyping which is a combination of instrument, audio effects processor, sequencer and sampler. My live set is currently a mixture of this cutting-edge technology with live instruments, electronic sound design and digital visuals. I am also fascinated with using the sonic textures of historic voices and the power of sampled words and phrases.

I have also given lectures/presentations on electronic music production, history and live performance in both English and Spanish at many festivals, schools and universities worldwide including: Harvard University, New York University, The University of Santiago, (Chile) The Universidad de Caldas (Colombia), Tecnológico Monterrey (Mexico City), IATEC (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil), AIMEC (Curitiba, Brazil), The Universidad de Costa Rica, The Støm Festival (Denmark), The International Museum of Music (Italy), SXSW (Austin, Texas), Berklee College of Music (Boston) and the Brooklyn Electronic Music Festival (Brooklyn, NYC). Since 2020, I have also participated in various online events including a TEDx Pura Vida event in October, 2021.

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