My 4 Favorite Sites For Free Ableton Knowledge

So here are my current favorite sites to get great free Ableton info and tips.  I’m a bit biased here since I’m a Dubspot instructor myself and work with Ableton sometimes, but I think the inclusion of both of these sites makes sense regardless since they have great info and I find myself using them to answer questions.  This is by no means a complete list and I totally encourage anyone who knows a great site to shoot me the link – I’d be happy to discover more sites. These are in no particular order – they’re all useful and will benefit both newbies and hardcore users.  Enjoy.

1.  The Ableton website: Ableton posts a lot of really useful content on the ‘Community’ tab on their site.  Check out Huston Singletary’s tutorials and the Ableton Forum where you can get a lot of great info from other users.

2. The Dubspot website:  The Dubspot site has a deep collection of well-produced videos on their site dealing with Ableton and other aspects of electronic music production, performance, hardware and software.  They’re also constantly creating new content.  Check some of it out here.

3. Jon Margulies’ site ‘‘:  Besides being a groovy guy and awesomely talented composer/producer/musician, Jon is an Ableton guru.  (Disclaimer – I studied with him at Dubspot and also found him to be a fantastic teacher).  In 2010, he set about to create ‘365 Ableton Live Tips’ on his site and he left us with a treasure trove of Ableton related lessons on his site.  If you’re a hardcore user, or thinking of becoming one, his book: Ableton Live 8 Power! is a must-have.

4. Loudon Stearns’ blog: Loudon is an Ableton Certified Trainer and Berklee instructor and these videos contain some really nice info on various topics relating to Live and electronic music production in general.


Again, add any additional sites that I should check out in the comments section….


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