One of the beautiful things and challenges about an EDI (electronic digital instrument) like Blinky is that it can take the role of multiple instruments in a band.  This is fantastic in that it can be a lead, chordal instrument, bass or even a percussion instrument.  However, this means deeply considering the sound of each of these.  

I wanted to first to discuss the lead sounds that I’m developing for Blinky.  

I have three lead sounds for the instrument.  The one in the video which is both my least favorite and the most promising is a kind of distorted lead guitar/keys sound.  I want it to be distorted and aggressive but not exactly a guitar sound. Ideally something very compressed and synthetic like many of the 80’s guitar/keys sounds were.  Here an example of one of my heroes and models for Blinky using the type of lead that I’m going for with this instrument:

I’ve been using a Serum lead for a very distorted sound, however, I feel that it really lacks clarity.  Russell Graham of Chic who’s helping me with this record suggested using a DX7 through an emulation of a Rockman Pedal (a popular 80’s distortion) and some chorus/flanger and even built a nice emulation that I’ll be working with today.  

Now that the tracks are sketched out, this month is primarily about sound design and recording additional parts.