Live Looped Performance With Ableton and Videosync

On January 15th, 2023, I recorded a practice session of a new disco/house track that I’m working on for an upcoming record. Currently I’m in the process of generating 40 ideas for a ten song album. My idea with this record is to do all the writing on “Blinky” which is the performance instrument which I designed three years ago.

This performance utilizes the Arturia V Collection for several of the synths as well as Xfer’s Serum (the lead) and Ableton’s Wavetable. For the visuals, I used Showsync’s Videosync software in which clips are placed within an Ableton Live session, essentially turning it into a VJing platform. All of the footage was shot on my phone, most of it around the neighborhood in Williamsburg, Brooklyn where I live.