Generative Music + Improvised Music 8.26.16


On August 26, 2016 I had the pleasure of adding generative electronics to the music of master jazz players bassists Matthew Garrison, Massimo Biolcati and drummer Nate Smith.  The concept was to create music using only beats and sounds generated from Fodera basses (we were celebrating the release of Fodera’s new Imperial Mini MG bass.  I started with an empty Ableton session. I had an audio feed where I was sampling Matt’s bass and creating sequences and loops with the sounds using the Push’s loop pedal function and ClyphX.  The sequences were then chopped, effected, randomized and performed by the laptop – as a kind of mechnical improvisation – while the humans used it as the basis for more improvisation.  We used Ableton’s Link to synch my laptop with Matt’s.  Throughout the fall, I’ll be developing these techniques further at ShapeShifter Lab here in Brooklyn and hopefully performing more with some of these fantastic improvisors.  ShapeShifter Lab is an amazing place to explore new techniques and sounds – one of NYC’s most creative musical spaces.14054132_10155213627777942_5577753880408448667_n