50 Mixing Tips – Introduction

Lately I’ve been mixing a lot.  I’ve been mixing for years now, primarily on either Ableton or Logic, but like any art it’s something that I feel that there is so much left to learn.  So I decided that in order to up my own game as a mixer, I would create a work of 50 mixing tips in the belief that in order to teach something, you truly have to learn it. They’ll live under the tab 50 Mixing Tips 2013 on this blog.   The knowledge I’ll be sharing is stuff that I’ve gathered over the years.  I’d particularly like to thank Bob Power for inspiring me to really get into mixing and giving me some really great insights into the process.  Also, my colleague at Dubspot, Danny Wyatt who’s a great engineer and teacher and whose course at Dubspot I’d recommend to anyone who wants to really get deep into this.  Finally, for anyone really looking to improve their mix skills, especially those who work in small studios, this book by Mike Senior, is absolutely amazing and sits by my desk at all times in my studio.