Update on the PUSH Post

Here’s an update on the PUSH post I did a couple of days ago with a bit more detail on how it’s ‘Note’ interface works…


I received an Ableton PUSH instrument last month to do a special Dubspot/Ableton clinic introducing the PUSH on March 5th.  I had about two weeks to figure it out and I’ve still been playing it pretty often in the studio.  One of the interesting things about PUSH is that it’s actually a killer bass synth.  The fact that it operates in perfect 4ths means that as a bass player, the positions really make sense.

Here’s a vid I did last night of me playing some bass on the PUSH.  At the beginning I start in the PUSH’s session view, then go to the ‘Note’ view.  For bass, I find it’s best to operate in the chromatic mode, because then you can utilize the approach notes.

Here’s a bit of info about the PUSH ‘Note’ mode keyboard.

1. The blue squares represent the root note of the scale, in this case a G minor scale.

2. The white squares represent the other notes of the G minor scale

3. There is a button on the upper right that allows you to change scales.  When you go into PUSH’s scale mode, on the upper right, you will see an option to go to ‘Fixed’ mode.  Turn this off and this will take you to Chromatic Mode

4. The squares that are unlit are not in the scale, they are the chromatic tones.  For me the best notes in the scale are those that aren’t in it.

If anyone’s wondering why my thumbnail’s purple – it’s not my groovy nail polish.  It’s the result of a close encounter with my bedroom door. Enjoy.