April 2012

This is going to be a really exciting month.  A lot of traveling, some great shows and recordings.  I’m going to try and be good and post as much as possible. Here’s what’s happening

April 5 – 6:  The Together Festival (Boston):  I’ll be presenting at the Dubspot Edu sessions on Friday up in Boston.  My topics will be vocal processing with Ableton Live and building beats with Ableton. It will be at Naga from 2 – 7 both days.

April 7:  The Brooklyn Museum:  Comandante Zero (C0) will be doing a show at the Target first Saturday in honor of the Keith Haring exhibition.  Come out, it’s free and it will be quite the party.  (They’ll be expecting 16,000 people)   We’ll be going on at 9:30.

April 13: I’ll be mastering with Tom Coyne who just won a Grammy for his work on Adele’s ’21’.  I’m finishing a mix for Antonio Samar and am really looking forward to seeing him work with it.

April 16 – 21: Festival Internacional De La Imagen (Manizales, Colombia):  I’ll be heading down to Colombia with C0 to perform and present a series of workshops at the Festival Internacional De La Imagen.

May 3: Dubspot At Harvard (Cambridge):  Will be at Harvard for a presentation sponsored by Quad Sound and Dubspot.