How Depeche Mode Uses Ableton Live to process drums

Recently I’ve been really into ways of creating electro-acoustic drum kits (melding the feel of a live drummer with electronic sounds).  I feel the technology is really there to do some excellent stuff and I’ll be doing a video for Dubspot on this topic after the release of my vocal processing video which should be out this week.  Here’s a nice video off the Ableton site on producer Kerry Hopwood, the musical director and programmer for Depeche Mode and how he gets their live drum sounds.  In this case, he uses the natural sound of the drums, through mics, and processes that raw acoustic sound through Ableton.  Unfortunately, he doesn’t go too much into the routing of this set-up which I think would be extremely useful.  Something else that struck me about this video is the simplicity of the set up in Live and also the fact that he uses only Live’s plug-ins for performance.  I agree with both of these approaches 100%.  Enjoy.