Vocals through Ableton Live

I spent most of the day yesterday in the studio solidifying some techniques for running live vocals through Ableton.  I’m going  to be shooting a video today at Dubspot dealing with using Ableton as a live vocal processor and techniques for creating a vocoder and performing with it.  One quick suggestion: try this signal chain if you’re interested in doing this.  Mic -> Pre-Amp-> Compressor -> Soundcard -> Laptop -> DI Box -> PA.  I’ll talk about this a lot more in depth in the video, but this is also the optimum signal chain for recording vocals in the studio (with the exception of the DI Box and PA after the laptop).

Sidenote:  Check out Dear Comrade’s new record ‘All Wisdom Is Gone’.  Dear Comrade is Arthur Kremer’s project from Stellastarr*.  I recorded some of the bass tracks on the record.