Ableton Live NYC User Group – October

NYC Ableton Live User Group: Moldover, Dan Freeman, Dubspot

NYC Ableton Live User Group: Moldover, Dan Freeman, Dubspot

Ableton Key Commands (Again)

Here’s a re-post of my collection of Ableton key commands…

One of the best ways to get fast at Ableton Live is to master the key commands.  Here’s a list of key commands I put together when I was studying to become an Ableton Certified Trainer.  Copy and paste this and keep it by you as you work.  I found a lot of cool functions just by putting together this list.  If I’ve left any out, please shoot them over to add to the list.  Enjoy….

Com N: New Live Set
Com O: Open Live Set
Com W: Close Live Set
Com S: Save Live Set
Shift Com S: Save Live Set As
Shift Com R: Export Audio/Video

Com z: Undo
Shift – Com Z: Redo
Com x: Cut
Shift – Com X: Cut Time – Select a loop, Hit this command,  Everything in the loop will be cut and that amount of time will vanish from the arrangement.
Com c: Copy
Com V: Paste
Shift Com V: Paste Time:  – Select loop, Copy, Then paste – will copy over what’s there
Com D: Duplicate
Shift Com D: Duplicate Time:  Automatically duplicates what’s in the loop
Delete Key: Delete
Shift Com Delete: Deletes what’s in the loop
Com R: Rename
Com E: Cut
Com J: Consolidate
Com U: Quantize
Shift Com U: Quantize Settings
Com G: Group
Shift Com G: Ungroup
Com L: Loop Selection
Shift Com L: Select Loop
Com A: Select All

Com I: Insert Silence
Shift Com I: Capture and Insert Scene : Takes all the clips that are playing at a given moment and creates a whole    new scene with them
Com T: Audio Track
Shift Com T:  Midi Track
Opt Com T: Return Track
Shift Com M: Insert Midi Clip
Opt Com F: Create Fade: Also allows for the creation of cross-fades!***** To do this – select the track in       arrangement  view, then hit the clip you want to add a fade or cross-fade to.  Then hit this command and you’ll see the fades appear

F11: Full Screen  – Doesn’t seem to work on new MacBook Pro
Shift Com F: Search In Browser
Opt Com O: Overview of the Entire Track
Opt Com I: Ins and Outs
Opt Com S: Sends
Opt Com R: Returns
Opt Com M: Mixer
Zoom In: +
Zoom Out: –


Com M: Edit Midi Map (Midi Mapping Short Cut)
Com K: Key Mapping Shortcut
Shift Com K: Computer MIDI Keyboard
Com 1: Smaller Launch Quantization
Com 2: Larger Launch Quantization
Com 3: Triplet Launch Quantization
Com 4: Kill Launch Quantization
Com 5: Fixed Grid
Com B: Draw Mode
Com F: Follow: If activated, display will scroll during playback to keep the current song position visible.


Tab – Switches from Session to Arrangement View
Shift Tab – Switches from Track to Clip View


Dan FreeMan, C0m1x, Ableton Certified Trainer

Bass Interlude

This fall for me marks exactly 25 years since I picked up the bass guitar.  My love for this instrument has really shaped my life and marked me so deeply as a person.  It was September, 1987 that my mom finally gave into my begging and bought me my first bass.  She wasn’t sure that I was particularly serious about the instrument, so my first bass cost about $200 and was a deep purple-red, suited to those hair metal times.  I also got a crappy 50 watt Gorilla amplifier.  I was ecstatic.  Ever since I had learned what the bass was, I had been obsessed with it and to finally have my own instrument made me so happy.  I immediately sat down to practice it and quickly figured out my favorite song at the time ‘With Or Without You’ by U2.  No matter how tech heavy I’ve gotten since then, or deep into digital music and production, in the end my favorite thing is to feel that wooden body and those metal strings against my fingers.  So thank you, bass guitar, for giving me so much joy over the past quarter century.


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Laboratory Party: September 1, 2012

Here’s a picture of the stage set-up at the Comandante Zero (C0) set-up at the Laboratory Party, Brooklyn, NY on September 1, 2012.  The faces are actually part of the Lumiphonic Creature Choir a very cutting-edge group that fuses sound and visuals in a unique way.

Comandante Zero, CØ, at Laboratory, September 1, 2012

Comandante Zero, CØ, at Laboratory, September 1, 2012

Dubspot/Harvard Recap

Here’s a cool video recap of the masterclass I gave at Harvard with DJ Shiftee for Dubspot last May.

Dan FreeMan (CØm1x) and DJ Shiftee at Harvard.  May, 2012

Dan FreeMan (CØm1x) and DJ Shiftee at Harvard. May, 2012