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1. About

I’m a producer/bassist and music technologist based in Brooklyn, New York working under the name CØm1x.  My background is as a bass player.  I grew up in Boston, MA and began studying classical piano at the New England Conservatory Preparatory School at the age of 5.  Since my mother is Nicaraguan, I listened to a variety of music growing up, from Salsa to Chopin.  At the age of 13 I met the electric bass and fell in love. By 17, I was playing jazz gigs around Boston and hanging out in clubs as often as I could.

18643_1312882545307_7179663_n1992 – Live at Tuesday’s ice cream shop, Brookline, MA – our weekly gig that summer.  With Ryan MacMillan and Michael Geher. 

I went to Harvard University where I studied American History, however, I spent most of my time playing jazz, gospel and funk in various groups around Boston.  I came to NYC after college to be a session bass player and studied with master bassists John Pattitucci, Matthew Garrison and Lincoln Goines at the Bass Collective.  Since then, I’ve had the fortune of performing and touring as a bass player (and keyboardist) with some great artists at venues ranging from Carnegie Hall to bizarre underground Brooklyn parties.

1923672_14324427941_3979_n2006 – Backstage with Fred Schneider and Kate Pierson of the B-52’s where I played bass with them at Peter Gabriel’s 2006 Witness Concert at NYC’s Hammerstein Ballroom. 

From the late 90’s when I first came to the city, I began playing in groups that merged digital and acoustic instruments together and playing underground parties like SqueezeBox. In those days, we basically played along with giant Akai Samplers.  Laptops were too unstable and weak to be used for live performance.  Yet, at these underground parties, many of them part of NYC’s queercore parties like the Homocore party that took place at CBGB’s, I saw some of the most cutting-edge merging of live and electronic sounds of that time.

1923672_14324377941_200_n1999 – NYC newbie. 

In post-9/11 NYC, the scene shifted to Brooklyn and as the live keyboardist with Stellastarr* ,I was fortunate to be part of the amazing musical environment of Williamsburg in the 00’s.  Bands like TV on the Radio, The Scissor Sisters, The Yeah Yeah Yeahs, LCD SoundSystem, The Brazilian Girls, The Juan MacLean, etc. etc created a new sound merging electronics and live instruments.

33536_484191137941_738287_n2009 – Amanda and Shawn from Stellastarr*.  Taken from the stage at NYC’s Bowery Ballroom. The band’s last show. 

In 2004 as the musical director for Xavier, an incredibly talented singer produced by Babydaddy of the Scissor Sisters, I began to use the then brand new Ableton Live software to incorporate Babbydaddy’s productions into our live set.  In 2005, Xavier’s label, Virgin Records, sent him to Berlin to play Berghain, which was brand new, and we chose to bring just him, drums and me on a laptop.  That show at Bergain was the first time I used Ableton in a live show and I was hooked.  We played with many groups in NYC’s mid-00’s electro scene including the Brazilian Girls and the Juan MacLean.

1930761_33066968107_2004_n2006 – With Xavier in NYC.

The drummer in Xavier’s band Ken White and I were fixated on the possibilities of Ableton Live and merging digital and acoustic instruments.  In 2006, we founded Comandante Zero (CØ)  as a bass/drum/electro-funk duo. Between 2006 and 2016, we performed in the US, Europe and South America, both as our own entity and as a rhythm section for other groups.  In doing so, we developed various techniques for merging acoustic and electric instruments.  In 2008, we added a third member- the digital visual artist Øh1ØM1ke.

1923672_14324162941_5795_n2006 – Early Comandante Zero show, London’s Rhythm Factory. 

156161_10150949511866998_947763699_n2012 – Festival de La Imagen, Manizales, Colombia with drummer Jibrail Nor and visuals by Øh1ØM1ke

Working with CØ  got me interested in production as well.  We had the privilege of working with Grammy-winning engineer Bob Power on our 2009 E.P ‘Slouching Towards Babylon’ and he encouraged me to dive into this world.  At this point, I do a pretty significant amount of production, mixing and remixing, both on my own material and for clients at my studio in Gowanus Brooklyn.  You can check out some of it on my Spotify artist page.

I am presently faculty at the Clive Davis Institute of Recorded Music which is a part of NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts where I teach courses on electronic music production using Ableton Live, including its uses for live performance.  In 2018 I was a visiting artist at Berklee College of Music. From 2010 – 2016 I was a senior instructor and Director of International Programs at the cutting-edge DJ/electronic music institute Dubspot here in New York City. I am also an Ableton Live 8, 9 and 10 Certified Trainer.

71414_10151816925749989_992307385_n2013 – Doing a Dubspot workshop on processing live vocals with TV on the Radio’s Tunde Adebimpe

I am the founder of the Brooklyn Digital Conservatory and I do worldwide workshops on the use of Ableton Live, especially on production and integrating it with live instruments.  Since its founding in 2015, the Brooklyn Digital Conservatory has done workshops, presentations and courses with 101 Training in Santiago, (Chile), The Argenlive Festival in Buenos Aires, (Argentina), DNA Music in Bogota (Colombia), EAS in Medellin (Colombia), Garage Music in Panama City (Panama), DJLAB in San Jose, (Costa Rica), Tech Monterrey in Monterrey (Mexico), SAE in Mexico City (Mexico)  The International Museum and Library of Music (Bologna, Italy) and Harvard University. I have also presented at festivals like SXSW (Austin, Texas) and Sonar (Barcelona, Spain)

In 2018, the Brooklyn Digital Conservatory partnered with DJLAB, Costa Rica to create Central America’s first Certified Training Course in Electronic Music Production Using Ableton Live.

11870723_10154172022297942_8502974878730396741_n2015 – At a Brooklyn Digital Conservatory Workshop at 101 Training, Santiago, Chile

2017 – Teaching a Brooklyn Digital Conservatory Workshop at DJLAB, San Jose, Costa Rica

2015 – Presenting at SXSW – Austin, Texas

1916926_969029813180047_2427681447447057421_n2016 – With my former teacher and co-presenter Matthew Garrison at ShapeShifter Lab, Brooklyn NYC

My current fascination, and a main topic of this blog,  is the integration of acoustic and digital instruments in live performance.  I believe that the laptop is the instrument of the 21st century, just as the electric guitar defined the sound of the late 20th century.  I also believe that as the technology develops, the laptop will become as responsive to the subtleties of human touch, even with pre-recorded sounds, as a violin is now.  Furthermore, I believe that musical performances will eventually be as much visual as sonic performances in many cases and the visual and musical will be increasingly tied together, so that as the performer creates music, they will “play” the visual element.  Finally, I believe that we are moving towards a time when we shift away from the model of active performer/mostly passive audience.  The audience will have an increasingly important role in the musical/visual spectacles of the future.

December 2018 – Live in San Jose, Costa Rica with my new controller instrument “Blinky”

I’m also quite interested by the proliferation of digital music-making technology throughout the world, even to areas where it was previously unfeasible for most artists to ever imagine making a record, never mind distributing it globally.  Now an artist in Guatemala City can post a track that can be heard in Tokyo and shared with a friends in London and Capetown.  Artists will no longer be divided by access to technology distribution and foreign music, but only by their individual skills at songwriting and producing.  It already amazes me how digital music is a global culture with a global audience and I love listening to local variations of it worldwide.

Peace & Love/Amor & Paz


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