Ableton Presentation At Harvard

I’ll be giving a Ableton presentation with Ableton’s main presenter Huston Singletary at Harvard on November 9, 2011. More details to come. The event will be sponsored by Harvard’s Quad Sound Studios.

In/Out Festival

On Saturday, November 12, I’ll be giving a special workshop on Ableton Live and its uses for live performance at Death By Audio in Brooklyn as part of the In/Out Festival.  Check their site for info.

Comandante Zero: Russian Disco (C0m1x 2011)

Here’s Russian Disco (C0m1x 2011), the first single of ‘Slouching Towards Babylon, Part II’.  Bass/Keys/Sound Design: Dan Freeman (C0m1x), Drums/Percussion: Ken White, Guitars: Russell Graham, Graphic/Art: 0h10M1ke, Vocals: Natalya Anatolyvna, Mix: Dan Freeman (C0m1x), Mastering: Danny Wyatt. 

Love Ed Banger

Here’s Breakbot from the French electro-funk label Ed Banger records.

Bass Flamenco Technique

Here’s a video I made a couple of years ago explaining some of the the thumb technique I use for bass.  Waiting for the last Russian Disco tweaks before releasing it.


First Master Of Russian Disco

A preliminary Master of Russian Disco is now available here.  One more round of editing and we’ll call it official,  release it, and make it available but here’s the ‘almost finished version’



Heading up to Hastings-On-Hudson to work with Danny Wyatt.  We’ll be mastering ‘Russian Disco’ the first track off “Slouching Towards Babylon, Part II’.  It features Russell Graham of the Apollo House band, Ray Chew and the Crew on keys and guitar.  We’ll drop it on Monday.

CMJ week & AES.

Next week I have three cool shows:

1. Thursday, October 20th:  Comandante Zero will play with Dynasty Electric and Planet Rump  for the CMJ/Newsonic Revival show at Sugarland, Brooklyn.

2. Friday, October 21st:  Comandante Zero plays a private show at the Ableton party for the A.E.S Convention at Ableton’s headquarters here in NYC.

3. Wednesday, October 19th:  I’ll be joining Dear Comrade on bass for a CMJ show at Fontanas.

These are my favorite kind of NYC weeks.



Ableton Page

My page is now up on the Ableton website.  It’s cool to be associated with a company that makes a great product that I really love using.